Window repair

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Window repair

Why Windows Won’t Stay Up ? (for double hung or single hung windows)

The first step is to take a look at the window itself to see if you can tell what’s going on.
In all double hung replacement windows there are balances in the sides of the frame that support the sash and hold it up when you open it so it doesn’t fall.

There are only 2 likely scenarios if your windows won’t stay up:

The first one is that one or both of the balances are not connected to the sash.
This would mean that the balances are there and they may be working fine, but they’ve become disconnected from the sash so they are not helping to keep the window open.

The second scenario is that one or both of the balances are connected to the sash, but they are not working properly.
In this case you’ll probably need to replace the failed component.

We will help you with this type of window repair:

  • casement window repair;
  • sliding window repair;
  • double hung widow repair;
  • patio door repair;
  • awning window repair;
  • etc.

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