Window screen repair

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Window screen repair

Common Window (insect) Screen Problems.

The primary function of a screen is to keep insects out of your home. For this reason, window screens are also sometimes called insect or fly screens.
They are now more common, not just for windows, but doors and porches as well.

Your window screens are likely something you don’t think about too often in your home…until there is a problem or they require repair.
Windows and screens are quite durable and can take normal wear and tear but most homeowners will run into some type of window screen problem eventually.
The most common window screen problems:

Holes in Screens
Holes in the screens can be the most noticeable problem.
While holes in your window screen don’t increase security concerns, they can let bugs and other debris in while you have your windows open and ventilated.
Particles that make it through the hole in your screen can clog your HVAC system and decrease the quality of air cycling through your home.

Worn Out Screens
Just like your windows and most appliances/fixtures in your house, screens can start to show wear and tear over the years.
From brutal winter ice and harsh summer storms, your screens can start to wear thin, develop holes, or sag.

Broken or Bent Frames
The most noticeable problem with window screens is when the frames get bent or broken.

We offer:

  • window screen repair;
  • new window screen installation;
  • pet screen;
  • solar screen;
  • fiberglass screen;
  • vinyl screen film;
  • aluminum screen;
  • screen door repair;
  • screen porch repair;
  • retractable screen;

Functional and Decorative Window Screens
It is excellent for use on windows, doors, and porches. Sun shading is made of strong, extremely durable, vinyl-coated polyester fabric. It needs only occasional cleaning with mild soap and water.

Movable/Removable Window Screen
Retractable Window Screen: Retractable screens typically look and act like window shades, except they function as insect screens.
They can be made invisible at the homeowner’s whim. They will fit almost window opening and type.

Sliding Window Screen: Sliding screens are the standard for movable screens. Less versatile, but also less complicated than a retractable screen, they fit most homeowners’ needs.
They can slide horizontally or vertically. They can have exterior or interior mounts and can fit any window opening.

Hinged Window Screen: A hinged screen doesn’t offer some of the advantages of retractable and sliding screens, but it has its place.
It still offers easy cleaning access and fire exit, and a high quality screen will protect your window from vandalism and storm debris.

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Professional Window Screen Repair Services

Welcome to SP Glass Pro, where we provide top-notch window screen mesh repair and replacement services to keep your home bug-free and comfortable. Our expert technicians are skilled in handling all types of screen repairs, ensuring that your windows and doors are in perfect condition.

Porch Screen Repair Services Enjoy your outdoor space without the annoyance of pests. Our porch screen repair services are designed to restore the integrity of your screens, so you can relax in your porch area with peace of mind.

Window Mesh Replacement Damaged or worn-out window mesh can compromise the comfort of your home. We offer window mesh replacement services using high-quality materials that stand the test of time and weather.

Screen Door Repair A functional screen door is essential for ventilation and protection. Our screen door repair services address issues like tears, holes, and frame damage, ensuring your screen door operates smoothly.

Patio Door Screen Repair Don’t let a damaged patio screen door disrupt your home’s functionality. Our patio door screen repair service will have your door looking and working like new again, keeping out unwanted pests while letting in the fresh air.

Mosquito Screen Repair In areas where mosquitoes are a problem, intact screens are a must. Our mosquito screen repair service focuses on fixing any breaches that could allow these pests inside, ensuring your comfort and health.

High-Quality Mosquito Mesh For those looking to replace their screens, we provide durable mosquito mesh options that offer superior protection against insects while maintaining airflow and visibility.

At SP Glass Pro, we’re committed to delivering exceptional service and quality workmanship. Contact us today for all your screen repair needs and enjoy a safer, more comfortable home environment.

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